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Bitten by the Commonwealth Games bug? Then here’s the good news – you’re not alone as the entire world has its eyes fixed on the games. The games are unquestionably a huge deal within the sport world. Athletes from 71 countries get an opportunity to compete in 17 different sports and be in the company of some of the biggest names in sport. Millions of sport lovers watch and follow this major multi-sports event. The reasons for this may be -the athletes, the thrill, the elation, the panic, the disappointment and a myriad of other emotions. However, one of the biggest attractions of the Commonwealth Games is (one can’t deny it) the medals. Now, Amengames gives you a chance to join the Commonwealth Games and the medal frenzy. So, throw the longest, jump the highest, run the fastest, score the most goals, lift the heaviest weight or swim the fastest and bag as many medals as you can with our collection of online Commonwealth Games.

Play all the Commonwealth Games Online

Aquatics Diving Games, Swimming Games
Archery Archery games
Athletics Athletics
Badminton Badminton
Boxing Boxing
Cycling Cycling games
Gymnastics Gymnastics
Hockey Hockey
Lawn Bowls Lawn Bowling
Netball Netball
Rugby sevens Rugby games
Shooting Shooting
Squash Squash
Table Tennis Table Tennis
Tennis Tennis Games
Volleyball Volleyball
Weightlifting Weight Lifting
Wrestling Wrestling